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Full-time residential care home

It is said that there is no love like a mother’s love. Like all parents, they make plans for their children’s future. However, parents of special needs children need to be even more vigilant. One of their major concerns is what will happen when they can no longer take care of their autistic child or are no longer alive. In some families, they may have a sibling who can take care of them. But that is not possible for all families. Not every child with autism has a sibling he can live with or a sibling who is willing to take him in. And no one will love him like a parent would and can replace a parent.

In a residential care home, the roles of the parents are duplicated by recruiting several professionals who specialize in various areas to care for the autistic individuals. To meet this growing need and concern, KAA has plans to establish a full-time residential care home in the near future.

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