Sheltered workshop

Many of the youths and adults with autism do not possess the competencies or skills for employment. In January 2021, KAA started a sheltered workshop where these autistic individuals are employed and given vocational training in simple jobs or tasks.

Art and craft play a major part of the sheltered workshop. Artworks are printed onto mugs, fridge magnets, key chains, greeting cards, bags, T-shirts and so on which form the bulk of the merchandise for sale to the public. Doing beadwork is also one of the main activities in the workshop. Necklaces, bracelets and most recently, lanyards for masks are produced by the participants. The public have been incredibly supportive for these merchandises which has encouraged the participants to do more.

Recently, a vegetable garden and potted plants nursery have been set up at KAA under the sheltered workshop. The participants attend to the garden and plants thrice a week under the supervision of the teachers. Harvesting time creates much excitement as through their hard work, they reap the benefits of their labour.

A laundrette, car wash and bakery are in the pipeline to be set up at the sheltered workshop in future. These will give the participants more choices of skills to be trained in.

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