Why is it important to have an Educational Centre?

  1. Smart schools are set up for bright students. Likewise, children with special needs require schools that meet their needs. Kuching Autistic Association’s educational centre is one of these schools and we cater solely to students with autism.
  2. Children with autism need good educational and behaviour modification programmes. As they experience difficulties in various areas, appropriate teaching programmes are designed to tailor to each of their individual needs. This special group of children benefit greatly from individualised, one-to-one teaching, more so, if the child is hyperactive, with poor attention span and poor understanding. No two children with autism are alike.  Structured teaching based on individual needs will help them to understand the world and overcome their learning disabilities.
  3. Children with autism are taught living skills to gear them to become independent when they grow up.
  4. About 5% of individuals on the autism spectrum possess extraordinary or exceptional skills in certain areas, for example, in music, art, mathematics, computer and others. It is important to discover everyone’s special interest and talent and encourage development in these areas.
  5. Parents of children with autism are given informal and emotional support as they face unique parenting challenges. 
  6. High functioning children with autism can be integrated into normal schools when given proper therapy.
  7. The centre hopes to be able to provide appropriate activities such as play, art, music, sensory exercises, as well as speech and occupational therapies. These therapies, though essential in drawing out children with autism from their own world, are not available in the present educational system.
  8. Early intervention is important as the chances to overcome autism are better for those who are given proper education and behaviour modification programmes when they are young. For example, Dr Temple Grandin, a Professor in America, who is also on the autism spectrum, attributed her present-day success to early intervention.
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