Aims of KAA Centre

  1. Acts as a resource centre where parents and teachers of children with autism can access reading materials on autism and attend workshops and seminars related to autism.
  2. Provides a conducive atmosphere where children with autism can undergo therapy and training using methods that have been proven to be effective, not only in the developed countries but also in Malaysia.
  3. Provides training for children with mild autism, with emphasis on improving behaviour, attention, task-orientation, focus and other necessary skills, to prepare them for integration into mainstream education.
  4. Provides training in self-care and daily living activities, to prepare for assisted independent living or residence care in Homes for older adults with autism.
  5. Provides functional skill training and pre-vocational training e.g. house-keeping, laundry, car wash, cooking, gardening, simple office skills, for children with autism to enable them to be more independent and to prepare them for employment in autism-friendly enterprises.
  6. Provides employment and training in income-generating activities, for adults with autism who meet the admission criteria for KAA’s Sheltered Workshop.

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