KAA Centre

KAA Centre was set up in February 1999. In 2014, the Centre moved to its present buildings, that cater for children and adults with autism. The Centre has four programmes namely:

  • Early Intervention Programme (for children below 12 years)
  • Secondary Instruction Programme (for children aged 12 – below 18 years)
  • Vocational Training Programme (for adults aged 18 years and above)
  • Adult Day Care Programme (for adults with autism who are less independent)

At present, there are 147 children and adults with autism attending classes at this centre. One administrator, two programme coordinators and 28 teachers are employed by the centre.

The centre also has books, booklets, notes, and pamphlets on autism in English. Reprints are available at a minimal charge.

Parents of children with autism who wish to enrol their children at KAA Centre should get a doctor to certify that their children have autism. The doctor’s  report must be submitted together with the enrolment form.

For children above 10 years old, a report from their previous Early Intervention Centre, School or Educational Centre will be required, as we are currently unable to accept older children and adults who have not attended any form of therapy.

Please take note that this is not a residential centre. The students come in only for a 2-hour session each day.  The Early Intervention (EIP) and Secondary Instruction (SIP) therapy sessions are as follows: 

Monday to Friday

Morning sessionsAfternoon sessions
8am – 10am1pm – 3pm
10am – 12noon3pm – 5pm 

Under the Sheltered Workshop Programme, adult students who are already in KAA Programmes will have the option to attend 4 hour sessions daily at the Workshop.

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