Autism Art Gallery

Embracing Autism, Transforming Lives

The Autism Art Gallery (AAG) is designed to create opportunities for talented artists with autism to present a variety of meaningful self-expressions through art of various forms. Through their participation, it empowers and connects the autism community. Their art also raises public awareness of their abilities, and at the same time fosters their independence, self-esteem and artistic expression.  The artists are exposed to different art media and genres.

AAG’s objective is to provide a venue for display, selling and promoting the different forms of art by the talented artists. Our artists earn income when you shop, and every purchase encourages them to advance their skills. Come and discover their talent! The affordably priced original artworks, handmade gifts and related items are great for souvenirs, mementos, door gifts or simply for your own use. 

You can now purchase the artworks online here.

For the full range of art and related work, please visit our social media at,

facebook @autismartgallery

or  contact our KAA office

Tel: 082-686363
Tel: +6010 263 6300

for more information.

Some of our artworks

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