Our hope

That individuals with autism will develop skills that train them to be more independent so that they can lead more meaningful lives and contribute to society.

What is important

Investing in the early intervention programmes of children with autism will gear them towards greater independence and develop any special talents that they have. Sheltered workshops will be an avenue to train the youths and adults with autism. Better educational and vocational training will enable them to lead more independent lives so that they will be less of a burden to their families and society.

For those severely affected adults with autism, residential care group homes  are urgently needed to take care of them once their parents or guardians pass on so that they will not be left to wander the streets , neglected and not taken care of.

Support Us in Helping Them

KAA would like to appeal to the government, corporate bodies, service clubs and the public to provide the much-needed financial assistance to enable KAA to build a better future for individuals with autism in our country. Together we will make a difference in their lives.

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