Autism Art Exhibition

Autism is not a disability – it is simply a different ability

Many autistic individuals see and feel emotion as colours. Others may identify objects with shapes.  All of them have different abilities to process their world to make sense to themselves. Art is one of the avenues for autistic individuals to express themselves through colours and shapes, and to translate their sensibilities onto paper or canvases.  Creating in a non-restrictive environment allows them to transfer their thoughts into images.

Since May 2021, Kuching Autistic Association has set up an art exhibition at Saradise Feast, BDC, Kuching to create public awareness of autistic individuals’ talents and impressions of the world. The exhibition will be available for public viewing until further notice.

Anyone who is interested to support the artists by purchasing their artwork can contact KAA office at 082-686363 (office hours) for further information.

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