Awareness, Understanding and Acceptance of Autism

The World Autism Awareness Day, first celebrated on 2nd April, 2008, was a joyous occasion for parents, caregivers and autism communities all around the world to spread autism awareness. Autism awareness is not celebrated only in April alone. The awareness, understanding, and acceptance of autism is a long-term journey as we continue to advocate for  those on the spectrum. How did KAA raise awareness in the community, especially in the hearts of those in our beloved city, Kuching, Sarawak?

One of the very powerful approaches KAA has been practising over the years is through our Autism Awareness Active Learning Booth. We were invited to promote students’ artwork and merchandise like coasters, canvas bags, keychains, mugs, T-shirts, and magnets. Besides the wonderful range of our students’ artwork stamped and printed on our merchandises, teachers and the adult students from the Vocational and Adult Daily Programme showcased their hand-made bead work and a beadwork demo was held at the booth.

Through such autism awareness campaigns, the public get to interact with the teaching staff who wholeheartedly share what autism is all about and what can be done to raise autism awareness.

AEON Mall Kuching Central & Boulevard Autism Awareness Booths

An amazing fun-filled weekend was held at AEON Mall, Kuching Central  from 23rd to 25th October 2020. A three- day well organized children-centred activities like colouring, D.I.Y card making, and a beadwork demo by our vocational student, Lee Jia Rong were held.

Colouring activities

Beadwork Demonstration by Lee Jia Rong

Individuals on the spectrum often feel uncomfortable being around a large crowd. A massive round of applause was given to Lee Jia Rong for  joining our Autism Awareness programme doing Face Mask Lanyard Bead Demo at our booth.

Many came and gave him support and love for producing a must-have fashion accessory, our very own Face Mask Lanyard.

Bead work demonstration is one of the ways students can showcase their ability in producing useful products.

Our merchandise section displays more than six variations of items that are best suited for gifts and collectibles.

Necklaces and bracelets are great as holiday gift packs for family members and friends to glam up their looks for the festive seasons.

DIY Card Making Activity

Children learn best from being creative and the DIY Card making session led by one of our senior teachers successfully unleashed the children’s creativity.

We all had so much fun pasting, shaping, cutting, and decorating cards for the children to bring home as gifts for their parents.

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