Fattah Abshar Addin

Diagnosed at three years old, hyperactive Fattah Abshar Addin was unable to stay still for more than 2 minutes. Moreover, he always displayed unruly behavior like throwing things, screaming, and running all over the house. As he had delayed speech, he would point if he wanted anything. It was hard for us to understand him.

In 2018, my parents enrolled Fattah at Kuching Autistic Association centre which was a turning point in his life. The therapy sessions helped Fattah to improve his skills and made it is easier for us to understand him. Fattah got better especially in terms of studying and communicating. We found out that Fattah really loves mathematics, counting and colouring.  As colouring is his major activity at home, his sister prints a lot of spreadsheet for him to do during his free time.

Fattah’s way of connecting with others also has changed a lot. He can tolerate with being around people, especially children of his age. He has become more polite towards his parents and siblings. Whenever he wants to do something, he asks us so we can monitor him from time to time.  It makes us happy when he recognizes us and calls our names.

Above all, Fattah really enjoys his time in KAA. He is always excited to meet his teachers and his friends. Being surrounded by awesome and great teachers, who are dedicated to teaching children like Fattah, is such a great blessing for him.

By: Fatin Laila Lissa Bt Mohammad Safri (Fattah’s sister)

5th October 2020

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