Lucas Kon

Meet Lucas Kon Neng Zhi, a nine-year old boy, who joined KAA Educational Centre at the age of five.  By the time Lucas left the Centre  at seven, he has made tremendous progress in various areas, for example, he is able to request using few word sentences, label pictures, follow simple instructions, tolerate loud noises and follow group instructions. His mother, Lina, attributes his progress to the training that he has received at KAA Centre. A former kindergarten teacher, Lina gave up her job to spend full time taking care of Lucas who has grown into a lovable boy, able to interact well. Moreover, Lucas also takes swimming and singing lessons. Lina’s hope for Lucas is that he stays healthy and happy and is able to communicate well with those around him. This is the hope that every parent wishes her child to be. Early intervention programmes provided by KAA for Lucas has indeed given him an opportunity to develop skills that help him to integrate into society. Thus, your contribution will enable us to help more children like him to improve so that they can become more independent as they get older.

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