Why is it important to have an Educational Centre ?

  1. Smart schools are set up for bright students but the needs of other children with special needs need to be looked into. There is a need for balance in trying to meet the needs of the various groups. As there are schools set up for children with other disabilities such as the Deaf and Dumb, the Blind and the Mentally Handicapped, it is high time that the needs of autistic children be looked into.
  2. Children diagnosed with autism need to be treated with good educational and behaviour modification programmes. As autistic children experience difficulties in various areas, it is important to design appropriate teaching programme tailored to each individual needs. Due to diversified needs, a small class of 5 children with a teacher and an assistant is needed. For children who are hyperactive with poor attention span and poor understanding, one-to-one teaching will be necessary. They also need structured teaching based on individual needs in order to help them to understand the world. Such teaching is not provided in any school.
  3. Children with autism need to be taught living skills to gear them to become independent when they grow up.
  4. About 5% of autistic individuals possess extraordinary or exceptional skills in certain areas, for example, in music, art, mathematics, computer and others. There is a need to discover each individual’s special interest and talent and encourage development in these areas. In the normal size classroom, it is difficult to take this into consideration.
  5. Parents with autistic children need to be given moral and financial support in the care of these special children.
  6. High functioning autistic children when given proper therapy can fit into normal schools.
  7. The centre hopes to be able to provide appropriate therapy such as music, speech and occupational therapies. These therapies though essential in drawing out the autistic children from their own world are not available in the present educational system.
  8. Early intervention is important as the chances for recovery are better for those who are given proper education and behaviour modification programmes when they are young, for example, Dr Temple Grandin, an Associate Professor in America, who is also autistic, attributed her present day success to early intervention.

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