Diagnostic Characteristics of Autism

  1. Poor social reciprocity or poor social skills (inability/unwillingness to play with others; no eye contact; hyperactivity);
  2. Poor communication skills, often non-verbal or with limited speech;
  3. Repetitive or restricted interests or behaviours with lack of imaginative play (flapping of hands, swirling/rocking of body, fascination with rotating object)

Symptoms of Autism

Stand-offish manner or indifference to others

Inappropriate laughing or giggling

Echolalia-copies words like a parrot

No fear of real dangers

Apparent insensibility to pain

Crying tantrums - extreme distress for no discernible reason

Adverse to cuddling

Sustained odd play

Difficulty mixing with other children

Indicates needs by gesture or by using an adult's hand

Acts as deaf or can be extremely sensitive to certain sounds

Unusual or no eye contact

Resists normal teaching methods

Spins objects

Inappropriate attachments to objects

Uneven gross/fine motor skills

Resists change in routine

marked physical overactivity or extreme passivity

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