Success Story 1

    Natasha is a very cute seven years old girl. She joined Kuching Autistic Association Resource and Education Centre in September, 2007. When she first came, she was hyperactive, speech delayed, poor compliance, couldn’t sit still, crying, screaming without any reason and poor fine motor skills, bad behavior e.g. like to knock her head on the wall or floor.
    Natasha had been undergoing Sensory Integration Therapy (S.I.) e.g. brushing and massaging ever since she came to KAA. After 3 months she was able to sit still and respond spontaneously when being called. She doesn’t knock her head anymore, less hyperactive, no more tantrum, able to concentrate on her work and her fine motor skills has improved. We also incorporate ABA in our teaching curriculum and through this programme, Natasha had improved tremendously both in her social questions, writing skill, reading simple story books and drawing simple pictures.
    Her mum told her teacher that Natasha is willing to stay with her grand-parents when the parents are not around; even staying overnight in Miri. Natasha behaved very well at home. Previously her parents could not leave her behind. Natasha likes singing. Hopefully in the near future she can show more improvement.

Report by Jap Jun Siew
2nd August 2008

Success Story 2

   Alyssa was 7 years old when she first came to the centre (KAA) in 2006. At first she was quite stubborn, cried a lot and refused to go to school until her grandmother brought the cane to frightened her. She only preferred to be with her own teacher, refused to do any new tasks being introduced, preferred to do her work and did not like going to the gym. She didn’t like writing, reading and doing mathematics. When I asked her to write she always made excuse of being tired and painful hands. Her first preference would be drawing and colouring.
    Until July 2007 when I took over as her teacher she was still stubborn as before. After teaching her using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) approach and doing Sensory Integration Therapy on her for 3-4 months she started to show some improvement and was able to follow routine. Now Alyssa is very keen to learn and shows deep interest in any new task given. She is also able to comply very well to instructions. She can read simple story books. Her writing and colouring are neat and tidy. She has also shown improvement in her mathematics, is able to count up to 50 and find the answers independently. Alyssa is able to complete tasks after few trials. She learns effectively through visual prompts.
    Her socialization has improved. She can mix with other teachers and her peers. She can play and share toys together with others. She is very friendly and often greets the teachers with a smile. Her tremendous improvement has somehow brought joy to her parents and her teachers.

Written by by Eda Beranda.
4th August 2008

Success Story 3

    Yu Liang is a boy aged 6 years old. He has been diagnosed as hyperactive with delayed language development by a medical doctor.
    When Yu Liang was enrolled at the KAA Resource & Educational Centre in September 2008, he was hyperactive and was not able to sit still. He even refused to go to class unless accompanied by his fathers. He liked to disturb the teaching aids from the cupboard, mixed them up on the table and refused to tidy up when asked.
    His living skill was not good and he was unable to put on his shirt and pants properly. He had poor compliance skills, poor hand grip and poor eye contact.
    After undergoing four months of intensive sessions of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Treatment & Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH), Sensory Integration and other associated programmes like Brain Gym, etc, Yu Liang’s fine and gross motor skills have improved significantly. His behavior has changed for the better and compliance skills have shown improvement. He is able to sit still at his table and do his tasks/lessons without much prompt. Yu Liang is now able to put on his shirt and pants independently. He can write and colour quite well albeit a bit slow. He finds no difficulties in doing simple mathematic e.g. addition up to ten. Now, he likes to do any task that is given to him and likes to help teachers whenever he is asked.
    He seems so happy to come to KAA and visited KAA again with his father after he has left. Now Yu Liang attends a normal school and his journey of hope continues.

Written by Eda Beranda
20th March 2009
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