KAA Resource & Education Centre

The centre was set up in February 1999. At present, there are 77 autistic children attending daily classes at this centre. 62 students (4 to 13 years old) are undergoing Early Intervention Programme (EIP) and Sensory Integration (SI). There are 9 students (14 to 36 years old) in the Vocational Training Section and 6 students (14 to 25 years old) in the Living Skills Section. One administrator, one supervisor and 26 teachers are employed in this centre.

The centre also has books, booklets, notes, and pamphlets on autism in English. Reprints are available at a minimal charge.

Parents with autistic children between the ages of 4-18 years old who wish to enroll their children should get a doctor to certify that their children are autistic. The doctor report must be submitted together with the enrolment form.

Please take note that this is not a residential centre. The EIP students come in only for a 2-hour session a day.  The EIP therapy sessions are as follows: 

Monday to Friday

Morning sessionsAfternoon sessions
8am - 10am1pm - 3pm
10am - 12noon3pm - 5pm 

The Pre-vocational students come in for a half-day session (morning 8am to 12noon or afternoon 1pm to 5pm) from Monday to Friday.

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