How can the public help ?

  1. Government agencies, corporate bodies and the general public can extend their help through financial assistance to enable KAA to build a better future for the autistic children and individuals in Sarawak. Better educational and vocational training for them will enable them to lead more independent lives so that they will be less of a burden to their families and society in future. The monthly deficit in the operating budget for the existing Resource and Educational Centre is RM10,000. Additional fund is also needed for the building fund for the new Educational and Vocational Training Centre cum Group Hostels at Desa Wira Road at Batu Kawa in Kuching.
  2. Volunteers are most welcomed to help out at the Resource and Educational Centre.
  3. Companies and shops - to provide employment opportunities and works (such as sorting and packaging) for shelter workshop.
  4. Non-government organizations, corporate bodies, companies and general public can help in annual charity food sale by selling tickets and by operating stalls.

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