Define the aspiring artists by their Talent, not their Circumstances

Why Autism Art Gallery (AAG)?

Art can be an effective and inspiring tool for self-expression, especially if words are missing. AAG is designed to create opportunities for people on the autism spectrum to present a variety of meaningful and self-expressions through art of various forms.

What are our objectives?

To empower and connect the autism community through their participation;
To faster independence, self-esteem and artistic expression;
To provide a venue for display, selling and promoting the art of autistic individuals;
To raise awareness of the importance of the arts as viable tools for learning, growth and expression;
To create opportunity for the autistic individual to show their valuable contribution to the community;
To collaborate, support and inspire other NGOs of special needs community that share the same interest and psssion in art;

Who are we?

Autism Art Gallery is operated by Kuching Autistic Association, a non-governmental organisation which was registered on 6 May 1998.

How we do it?

Autism Art Gallery offers affordably priced original artworks all created by individuals with autism and handmade gifts. The Artists receive a percentage of the proceeds from sale of their items. AAG is non-profit exhibition space and studio dedicated to promoting autism artwork, public awareness events, workshops and activities related to special needs.


Your support and generous contributions will enable us to meet our objectives and improve our programmes. Thank you for supporting our mission.

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